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  • The importance of thorough cleaning and sanitising

    The importance of thorough cleaning and sanitising

    Being a brewer, you know that brewing beer is not just about selecting the best ingredients and following a recipe. One of the most important steps in the process is to thoroughly clean and sanitise your equipment. Some might laugh, but to brew a pure beer, the cleaning is half the job. 

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  • It’s summer!

    It’s summer!

    Outdoor cafés are beckoning. Finally! And those balmy temperatures and long evenings call for crisp, fruity, moderately bitter or slightly sour thirst-quenchers. For brewers, this means it’s time for action! We’d be happy to help you get started with some tips on how to make your own tasty summer beer. 

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  • Fruit beer with Boiron Fruit Puree

    Fruit beer with Boiron Fruit Puree

    Making fruit beer is exciting and challenging, but when you succeed, a world of flavours and creativity opens up. But how do you tackle this? What do you need to consider? Our blog and Boiron’s handy fruit puree will help get you started. 

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  • Vinification schedule and logbook

    Vinification schedule and logbook

    If you want to make wine, you have to plan. You need to know the direction you want to take – and stick to it meticulously. Therefore, it is important to create a clear vinification schedule. This schedule outlines every step you will take throughout the entire process. 

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  • The green brewer's gold

    The green brewer's gold

    When you say beer, you say hops. While alpha and beta acids are identical in all hop varieties, the aromatic components differ in each hop variety. This gives brewers a world of possibilities to get creative with. We will zoom in on a few key components of hop oil.

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  • Grimbergen Brewing Competition: The Final 3!

    Grimbergen Brewing Competition: The Final 3!

    The national 'home brewing competition', organized by the Abbey of Grimbergen, attracted as many as 202 participants. The finalists, hailing from Limburg, Flemish Brabant, and Namur, will be allowed to further develop their beer under the guidance of Grimbergen's head brewer. 

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  • International Bitterness Units

    International Bitterness Units

    IBU is the measure for the bitterness of beer. The IBU is calculated based on the amount of alpha acids in the hops used during the brewing process, and the time the hops are boiled in the beer. The longer the hops are boiled, the more bitterness they impart to the beer.

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  • Hops and Terroir

    Hops and Terroir

    Mentioning the specific region in the hop name is quite common, especially for hop varieties known for their unique flavour profiles and aromas influenced by the terroir in which they are grown. Many hop varieties bear the names of regions, valleys, cities, or even farms where they originate. 

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  • Visiting the largest malting plant in the world!

    Visiting the largest malting plant in the world!

    With the adage ‘know what you are selling’ in mind, we set off for Boortmalt in Antwerp to visit their impressive malting plant. Boortmalt leads the world in malt production with a staggering production capacity of 3 million tonnes.

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  • A visit to AB Biotek

    A visit to AB Biotek

    Team Brouwland was welcomed for an external training session at AB Biotek, already a familiar name to many for their innovations for spirits and wine production. Today, we took a look behind the scenes at their impressive Technical Application Centre in the Netherlands.

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  • Brouwland to distribute Belgomalt

    Brouwland to distribute Belgomalt

    This Belgian malt house aims to transform the traditional 'malt business' into a progressive and inspiring enterprise ready to address the issues that the new generation of brewers believes in. That sounds like music to our ears!

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  • CO2, let's get started!

    CO2, let's get started!

    Why? The benefits are enormous! But which CO2 setup is right for my brewery and what do I need? What pressure do I set? Should I ferment under pressure too? You'll discover all the ins and outs in this blog.

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  • Brouwland to distribute Pinnacle yeasts!

    Brouwland to distribute Pinnacle yeasts!

    With over 50 years of experience, at Brouwland, we know the importance of constantly scanning the market for innovation, quality, and opportunities. After all, that’s the essence of every craft beer brewer, big and small. So here we are… presenting a new partnership!

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  • De winnaar komt uit Nederland!

    De winnaar komt uit Nederland!

    Eerlijk toegegeven, we zijn blij dat we het moeilijke verdict van de Brouwland Biercompetitie konden overlaten aan de internationale jury van de prestigieuze Brussels Beer Challenge. We waren op voorhand meer dan trots op de inzending van 3 topbieren dit jaar, maar er moest een winnaar uit de bus komen. 

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  • Pumpkin milk stout recipe

    Pumpkin milk stout recipe

    Enjoy the warm and spicy taste of autumn with a Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout. It’s like drinking a slice of mouthwatering pumpkin pie, but with an alcoholic kick.

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