Privacy Statement

The French, German and English translations of the current privacy policy are intended solely for information.
If there are differences, only the Dutch language version of this privacy policy shall apply.

Brouwland is highly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, prospective customers and other contacts. We undertake to protect your personal data and treat it with great care.

This privacy statement is intended to inform you in a clear and transparent manner as to why and how we process your personal data.

1. Who are we?

Bv Brouwland, which has its registered office at 3581 Beverlo (Belgium), Korspelsesteenweg 86, and the company number 0412.461.618 (hereinafter referred to as “Brouwland”), is responsible for processing your data. That means we determine “how” and “for what reason” we process your personal data.

For any other questions concerning the use of your data after reading this statement, please contact our Data Protection Officer (or ‘DPO’) under the following contact details:

Bv Brouwland
Data Protection Officer
Korspelsesteenweg 86
3581 Beverlo

2. Data collection

2.1 Which data do we collect?

To use the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”), users do not need to provide any personal information. When we ask for your personal data, you have the right not to respond to this request. However, your refusal may prevent certain parts of the website from functioning (the order process, for example).

The Website only collects personal data which you have provided explicitly and willingly. This may consist of, but is not limited to, the following information:

  • Identifying data (surname, first name, etc.)
  • Contact details (email address, postal address, etc.)
  • Personal characteristics (gender, date of birth, etc.)
  • Areas of interest
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Technical details of your visit to our website (IP address, your internet service provider's IP address, when you accessed the website, etc.)
  • Education, certification, career (with an eye to potential recruitment)

Generally speaking, we will not ask you for any sensitive information (such as data about race, ethnicity, religious or other beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health or sexual orientation). If necessary, Brouwland will ask for your express agreement to collect and use this information.

2.2 When do we collect data?

Brouwland collects your data at the following times:

  • When you become a customer
  • When you create a profile on our website
  • When you fill in a form on our website
  • When you contact us through one of our communication channels (telephone, post, social media, shop, etc.)
  • When you register for our newsletters
  • When you participate in competitions
  • When you fill in forms we provide
  • When you are registered by security cameras in our buildings
  • When you visit our website, through cookies, web beacons and/or other technology (see our cookie policy for more information)

2.3 Why do we collect data?

Brouwland collects your personal data for various purposes, as described in further detail below. We make use of data you supply yourself, as well as data we collect automatically, such as information about your visit to our website.

Delivery of orders
To be able to deliver your orders, we need your identification and contact details. As part of this process we also provide your information to others, such as transport companies, to be able to deliver your order and keep you informed of its progress. We demand that these partners treat your data with the same degree of care as we do.

Delivery of services
Just as we do for orders, we need certain personal details to be able to provide services such as workshops. In those cases where we collaborate with others to provide these services, we again require them to guarantee the privacy of your data.

Newsletters and mailings
We want to keep you informed of Brouwland's news, sales, special offers, events, etc. This is why we give you the option of subscribing to our newsletters. If you no longer wish to receive them, you can unsubscribe via the email itself.

My Brouwland
Your “My Brouwland” account contains personal data such as your name and address. We also keep a history of your past orders here for your reference.

Pay later
We provide a delayed payment option under specific circumstances and to specific customers. To facilitate this, we first check your credit details through an external agency. They receive only those details necessary to perform the required services for us.

Debtor management
We may contact you to remind you of unpaid invoices. In certain cases we do not do this ourselves, but provide your details to an external partner to manage debtors on our behalf. Again, they receive only those details necessary to perform the required services for us.

Social media
Generally speaking, we receive your personal details from you directly, unless you opt to register through a social media account (such as Facebook). In that case we collect your data through your social media profile. We suggest that you study your social media provider's privacy policy to determine which data they process when making use of the social media login function. We will not supply social media providers with the personal details you provide through our website without your permission.

Data we receive as part of a job application – relating to such matters as your career, experience, motivation and all information normally provided in a resume – will be used exclusively for recruitment purposes.

Legal obligations
To comply with various laws and regulations, such as tax obligations, Brouwland stores specific personal data. In some cases, this data must be disclosed to third parties.

3. Disclosure to third parties

We may disclose the data with which you provide us to third parties if this is necessary for compliance with the above-mentioned objectives. For example, we make use of third parties for the following:

  • Development and maintenance of the internet environment (web development, web hosting)
  • Maintenance of IT infrastructure (IT network, etc.)
  • Distribution of newsletters and mailings
  • Delivery of orders
  • Provision of workshops
  • Debtor management
  • Credit checks

We do not disclose personal data to parties based outside the EEA.

However, Brouwland can use non-personal information to create global tracking information reports on demographic data about Website users and their use of the Website and can provide these reports to third parties. The tracking information in these reports is not linked to your personal data.

4. Protection of your data

4.1 Security

Brouwland takes all necessary steps to secure its servers, applications and databases and to prevent unauthorised access or unapproved use. To this end, we use physical, administrative and technological methods so that the information we retain is kept safe. For example, we only provide access to those persons who need your data to perform their duties and regularly perform back-ups to prevent the loss of your data. Furthermore, we regularly test and evaluate our methods and make sure to thoroughly inform all our employees of the importance of protecting your personal data.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee 100% security. If you have any specific security concerns about the processing of specific personal data, you should not send this information across the internet.

4.2 Other websites

Our website may include links to other websites or internet sources. If you click one of these links, you will be forwarded to another website or internet source that may collect information about you deliberately via cookies or other technologies. Brouwland has no responsibility and accepts no liability of any kind for – and has no ability to control – these other websites or internet sources or their collection, use or distribution of your personal data. You must check the privacy policies of these other websites or internet sources and judge for yourself how they collect and use information.

5. Data retention duration

Brouwland does not retain your personal data any longer than necessary: as soon as the legal retention period or the objective for which we collected your data has been attained, we delete it.

6. Your rights

6.1 Right of access

You have a right of access to your personal data. For example, you may ask us which data of yours we process, for which purposes and how this is done.

6.2 Right to rectification

If our data on you is inaccurate, you may let us know so we can correct it.

6.3 Right to be forgotten

You can ask us to delete your data. However, we may still have the right to retain specific data due, for example, to legal obligations.

6.4 Right to restrict processing

In certain cases you may ask us to restrict the processing of your personal data. If you dispute the accuracy of your data, for example, this could apply during the period required for us to check its accuracy.

6.5 Right to object

You may contest the processing of your personal data at any time. If it involves marketing, we will address this as soon as possible. However, if our own concerns outweigh yours, we have the right to continue to make use of your data.

6.6 Right to data portability

You have the right to ask us to share your data with yourself or another data controller provided this is technically feasible.

6.7 Right to withdraw consent

You can revoke your permission for processing at any time even if you have given prior permission.

6.8 Contact

To exercise any of the rights described above, it is sufficient to contact Brouwland's data protection officer by post or email, accompanied by a copy of the front of your identity card.

Bv Brouwland
Data Protection Officer
Korspelsesteenweg 86
3581 Beverlo
Brouwland can be reached by email.

If you believe our processing of your data to be in conflict with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to submit a complaint to the data protection authority.

7. Changes to the privacy statement

Brouwland values your privacy and strives to keep our policy for the protection of your personal details fully compliant with all legal requirements in Belgium and the European Union:

  • The Belgian law dated 8 December 1992, the so-called "privacy law" (last amended by the law dated 11 December 1998)
  • European Directive number 95/46/EC dated 24 October 1995, relating to the protection of privacy
  • As of 25 May 2018: the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation; Regulation [EU] 2016/679)

This Privacy Statement is based on the GDPR and contains certain procedures that are not set to enter into effect until 25 May 2018.

The present privacy policy is exclusively governed by and must be interpreted in line with Belgian law. In the event of disputes, the courts in the Hasselt district have jurisdiction. Brouwland may change, extend or amend its privacy policy at any time, for any reason whatsoever, by placing the revised Privacy Policy in a highly visible location on the Website.