Brouwland Beer Competition 2021

Seventh edition of the Brouwland Beer Competition!

On 14/06, a renewed Brouwland Beer Competition for Belgium and the Netherlands started.

No less than 15 beers will be selected from all the entries. These beers will be judged at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

Inclusive entrepreneurship is in our DNA

Beringen, 1 June 2021

This year, Brouwland has once again been awarded the Certificate of Reference for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. No wonder, because “inclusive entrepreneurship is in our DNA”, says Bart Balis. After all, mindful, humane, and sustainable enterprise is one of the core values at Brouwland. 

Futech adds some sunshine to Brouwland

Beringen, 25 January 2021

Brouwland brought in Futech’s expertise to brew a greener future together. Futech installed 750 additional solar panels to the existing 840 panels. With this expansion, the European market leader in home brewing equipment now has more than plenty to easily meet its electricity needs. 

Brouwland teaches the French to brew

Beringen, 14 September 2020

Brouwland, European market leader in home brewing equipment, has received a large order from one of the biggest supermarket chains in France. The fact this order came about in coronavirus times is no coincidence.

Brouwland reduces stock value and improves efficiency amid strong growth

Beringen, 19 December 2018

Brouwland has been on an upward curve for years. The range of products is also growing. Slim4 is the right tool for Brouwland - to manage the growing range of products.

Brouwland donates ‘alcohol’ to schools

Beringen – 19 May 2020

Brouwland donates 1,000 litres of hand gel to Beringen schoolchildren as schools reopen. When the clock struck 9 at the Spectrum College Campus Beringen today, Brouwland CEO Bart Balis presented the first batch of hygienic hand gels.