Brouwland Beer Competition 2021

Unfortunately, registration is now closed. There were a lot of reactions! We are expecting all beers to arrive at Brouwland no later than 16 September 2021. No less than 15 beers will be selected from all the entries on 9 October 2021. These 15 beers will be judged at the Brussels Beer Challenge in early November! The beer by the two winners will be launched through beer company Elcano and will compete for the coveted Fan Choice title over the following three months!

Submit your beer

After registration, you will receive a free box and several blank labels to send your beers in to Brouwland.

We ask that you submit six 33 cl Vichy-type bottles. Brouwland will deliver these bottles to the various judging centres.

Selection round

After the selection round, we will send you the findings on your beer. This way, you know exactly how to improve or refine your brew. The selection round jury is made up of zythologists, experts and student zythologists. If your beer is one of the finalists, it will be pondered and deliberated at the Brussels Beer Challenge.

The ultimate goal

If you are one of the two winners, you will be lucky enough to see your beer launched on the market by beer company Elcano.

During the first three months that your beer is available, everyone can vote for it in the Fan Choice.

You will receive €1 per 8 liters sold over 1 year.

Did you get the most votes in the Fan Choice? Kerching! You will win another €1 per 12 litres sold for the next 5 years.

Questions or comments?