Inclusive entrepreneurship is in our DNA

This year, Brouwland has once again been awarded the Certificate of Reference for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. No wonder, because “inclusive entrepreneurship is in our DNA”, says Bart Balis. After all, mindful, humane, and sustainable enterprise is one of the core values at Brouwland. 

Brouwland has embedded sustainable enterprise in its policies for many years. Bart Balis: “In doing so, we not only focus on reducing our ecological footprint, but we also make every effort to achieve a positive impact on the (working) climate and to ensure an inclusive work environment. This is why we committed to the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship to embed these actions even more firmly.”

Remote working is here to stay

Brouwland already had various systems in place to facilitate part-time work and homeworking - long before coronavirus made it the norm. Thanks to the introduction of flexible working hours and a badge system, compatible with laptops and smartphones, our office staff can organise their working hours autonomously. Bart Balis: “We have noticed staff are appreciative in how they use this. By now, a third of our employees have purposely opted for a part-time arrangement with a view to a better work-life balance.” 

Internal & external teamwork

Bart Balis: “We rely on our close-knit team of x employees, but we can also count on the efforts by extra talent from Bewel and Cellmade. We have had an in-house enclave of 12 Bewel colleagues for years, to take on various production tasks, and detainees from Cellmade have helped with a lot of product assembly and packaging. As you can tell, diversity and change are not just promotional talk for us: these are firm values that we couldn’t be without.”

Would you like to know more?

Brouwland is always on the lookout for diverse talent. Take a look at our jobs, send an open application, and follow us on LinkedIn to be in the know about all our innovations.