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dried yeast Oenoferm Rouge 500 g

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Special yeast for the fermentation of colour stable and clean red wines. The reduced beta-glycosidase activity will retain a maximum of antocyanes. Quick fermentation start and good final density. Delivers clean wines with few fermentation by-products. Dosage: 15 g/100 litres must at +15 °C.

How to add yeast?
The order in which you add ingredients is important for the end result of a wine. One ingredient is capable of influencing the effect of another, even in a negative way. Yeasts are always added AFTER the nutrients! Dried yeasts need to be rehydrated first: dissolve the required quantity of yeast in 10x its weight of lukewarm water (30-35 °C) or preferably 50 % diluted juice. So, e.g. 7 g of yeast in 70 ml of water and/or 100 g yeast in 1 litre of water/juice mixture. Stir gently. Let it rehydrate for 15 minutes (some foaming might occur) and stir gently again. Now add the yeast solution to your must while stirring/ pumping firmly. Ensure that the temperature difference between the yeast solution and the must does not exceed 7 to 10 °C. When the difference in temperature is larger, cool the yeast suspension further down before adding. NEVER scrimp on yeast! A healthy yeast colony is necessary for a consistent fermentation of your must. Keep your dried yeast in a refrigerator.


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