impeller pump MAJOR 60mm stainless steel 700 rpm

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Low speed stainless steel impeller pump
Low speed professional pumps with rubber impellers. Ideally suitable for pumping delicate liquids: wine, beer, milk, etc. Also suitable for pumping liquids containing particles and more viscous liquids, such as emulsions, fruit juices, light sauces, etc. Max. temperature: 90 °C. Motor can operate in two directions. Bypass 018.084.x optional.

2 hp / 700 rpm
max. capacity: 300 litres / min
max. pressure: 1.5 bar
connections: 60 mm
max. temperature : 90°C

Stainless steel AISI304 (also available in AISI316) Rotating pump with flexible impeller out of EPDM Impeller also available out of  NEOPRENE, NITRILE or SILICONE Self priming up to a depth of 6 m Mechanical sealing: VITON Can be equipped with frequency regulator or mechanical speed regulator, bypass, cart



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