destoner + masher industrial 600 kg / h

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Industrial mashing machine / de-stoner
Industrial machine for mashing and/or destoning/depitting of berries, tomatoes, apricots, plums, hard fruit etc. The fruit is pushed through a rubber or SST rotor with a special sieve drum with inclination. Pits, leaves, stems and stones are separated on the side. The exit mouth for the fruit pulp is located at the bottom.

  • Capacity / hour: 400 - 600 kg
  • Entirely stainless steel
  • Exchangeable sieves with adjustable perforation
  • Heavy electro motor with belt drive, intended for continuous use
  • Available choices:
    - In 'stem' function (rubber rotor + sieve with perforations 4 mm, 8 mm etc.)
    - In 'mashing' function (stainless steel rotor + fine sieve 1.5 mm)
    - With 'stem' and 'mashing' function (with surcharge)


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