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PolyKeg® SmartKeg w/o bag silver 20 l S-fitting, type Slimline.

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PolyKeg specialise in the production of large one-way PET kegs, for different applications in the draft beverage sector. PolyKeg’s experience and constant research make range of kegs ultra-innovative, extremely safe and of high quality.

The kegs are suitable for a wide range of carbonated/non-carbonated products, such as beer, wine, soft-drinks, cider, etc. They preserve the aroma and taste of the product, thanks to a high O2/CO2 barrier and light protection. UV light and visible blue light won't penetrate your precious drinks.

The one-way kegs offer different benefits to beverage manufacturers, distributors and final users:

  • new business opportunities on different markets
  • fit most of the existing filling machines and the traditional dispensing systems, generally used for traditional steel kegs
  • can be filled manually, upside down or in an upright position
  • easily stackable with benefits both for storage and shipment
  • light but strong
With the aim of achieving higher plastic recycling rates and more sustainable consumption and production models, the complete keg is in plastic. The keg can be dismantled completely, so all the different plastics can subsequently be recycled separately. The light weight of one-way kegs optimise the logistic process, reduce number of transports, avoid the return of empty kegs and the subsequent washing steps, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental pollution.

  • Single use, one-way keg in PET
  • High CO2 barrier
  • O2-free (*)
  • Wide application possibilities: beer, wine...
  • Stackable
  • High pressure resistance
  • Strong impact resistance; the keg remains intact after a fall from a height of 2 metres
  • Full traceability


  • Type: Slimline
  • Nominal working pressure: max. 3.5 bar
  • Burst pressure: ~10 bar
  • Colour: silver
  • 20 litre
  • S fitting
  • No bag in the keg
  • For beverages containing up to 20% alcohol

(*) The keg is pre-flushed and pressurised with nitrogen, leaving only 400 ppb of oxygen in the keg.

Weight and dimensions:

  12 l 16 l 20 l 24 l 30 l
Max. diameter 246 mm 246 mm 246 mm 283 mm 283 mm
Max. height 404 mm 494 mm 582 mm 572 mm 676 mm
Empty weight for standard keg 0.99 kg 1.05 kg 1.12 kg 1.30 kg 1.43 kg
Empty weight for keg with bag 1.06 kg 1.13 kg 1.21 kg 1.39 kg 1.52 kg
Empty # Kegs / EUR-pallet 75 60 60 48 36
# Layers / EUR-pallet 5 4 4 4 3
Full # Kegs / EUR-pallet 60 45 30 24 24
# Layers / EUR-pallet 4 3 2 2 2


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24.60 cm
58.20 cm
24.60 cm
1.13 kg


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