fermentation tank SST conic bottom 400 l

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From 1.280,18
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Stainless steel fermentation tank with conical bottom
Professional tanks in stainless steel for fermentation/storage of wine, beer, liqueurs, etc. Supplied with manhole (30 cm) at the side, lid (30 cm) with valve on top, level indication and 2 outlets (complete and partial outlet). With stainless steel ball valve. Fitted onto welded feet. Not pressure resistant. Stainless steel AISI 304.

Art. no.CapacityDiameterheight
017.783.400400 l72 cm167 cm
017.783.500500 l72 cm193 cm
017.783.600600 l72 cm217 cm
017.783.10001000 l92 cm218 cm
017.783.15001500 l116 cm221 cm
017.783.2002000 l131 cm221 cm
017.783.30003000 l160 cm236 cm
017.783.50005000 l180 cm286 cm



72.00 cm
167.50 cm
72.00 cm
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