OAK-a-VIN Vinoferm 1 l

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Natural oak extract of extremely high quality, originating in Limousin, France. This product changes the wine in just a few days, whereas a wooden barrel would take a few months.
For white wines: 2 ml/l.
For red wines: 4 ml/l.
Whisky, cognac and sherry up to 12 ml/l.

May not be used in commercial wines!


Why should you use oak in wine?
The use of oak during wine making will change some characteristics of your wine: taste, aroma, preservation and colour stability.

3 ways to add these characteristics:

  • Maturation in oak barrels. To benefit of the specific advantages choose a barrel without a protective layer on the inside. Most decorative barrels have a paraffin layer and are mostly used for decoration but can also serve as storage or pouring wine or alcohol. 2 types of oak: American and French. American oak gives a fruity character to the wine, the French a more spicy touch.
  • The use of oak chips has a few more advantages. They don’t take up any space and are easily added to your wine. Thanks to the large contact surface you don’t even have to add that much.
  • Alcohol based oak extract. Also very easy to add and quickly mixes with the wine which means you can immediately test the wine sensorial.


  • Put the chips in a hop bag for easy removal after use.
  • Try adding chips to the mash. This way, your wine is better protected against oxidation (better colour stability and longer preservation)
  • For a special taste: try the sherry and whisky chips.
  • Why not experiment with oak chips in beer!

How much chips to use and how long to mature in the barrel? The more chips you add, the shorter the contact time. For wooden barrels, maturation time depends on how many times the barrel has already been used.





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