Sir Brews-a-Lot extends his beer kingdom to your home. With his all grain brew kit you can brew 5 litres of your own beer at home in just a few hours. When you have finished brewing, your beer has to ferment and lager for a few weeks before you can enjoy your own homebrew.

The king selected 6 of his best recipes for the beginning home brewer. Something for every beer lover!

To put the crown on your work, it is best to use the Kingdom Beer Bottling Kit. This kit includes everything you need for bottling 5 litres of your own, freshly home-brewed Kingdom beer. Use the bottle capper and the included Kingdom crown corks for an airtight seal in the 12 33 cl bottles. After bottling, the box can be used to safely store and protect your beer.  

Are you ready yet for your next brew? Have a look on our site for a refill kit.

Kingdom Brew Kit

Brew kit with milled all grain mix, Available in 6 different flavours.


  • milled malt
  • hop
  • yeast
  • fermentation bucket 6 l
  • airlock bubbler model
  • PVC tap
  • digital pocket thermometer
  • Chemipro® OXI cleaning agent
  • self-adhesive thermometer strip

Beer styles

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