Sir Brews-a-Lot extends his beer kingdom to your home. With his all grain brew kit you can brew 5 litres of your own beer at home in just a few hours. When you have finished brewing, your beer has to ferment and lager for a few weeks before you can enjoy your own homebrew.

The king selected 6 of his best recipes for the beginning home brewer. Something for every beer lover!

To put the crown on your work, it is best to use the Kingdom Beer Bottling Kit. This kit includes everything you need for bottling 5 litres of your own, freshly home-brewed Kingdom beer. Use the bottle capper and the included Kingdom crown corks for an airtight seal in the 12 33 cl bottles. After bottling, the box can be used to safely store and protect your beer.  

Are you ready yet for your next brew? Have a look on our site for a refill kit.

Kingdom Brew Kit

Brew kit with milled all grain mix,
Available in 6 different flavours.


  • milled malt
  • hop
  • yeast
  • fermentation bucket 6 l
  • airlock bubbler model
  • PVC tap
  • digital pocket thermometer
  • Chemipro® OXI cleaning agent
  • self-adhesive thermometer strip

Kingdom Bottling Kit

This beer bottling kit contains everything you need for bottling 5 litres of fresh, home-brewed Kingdom beer. 


  • 1 crown capper 
  • 100 Kingdom crown caps 
  • 16 reusable 33 cl bottles to safely store your 5 litres of home-brewed beer
  • Convenient bottle filler that fits on the outlet tap for drip-free bottling
  • Packaging box for neatly storing your bottles

Kingdom Refill Kit

Our brewing kits are 100% reusable.
With the refill kits, you can put a new surprising beer on the table for friends, family and colleagues in no time.


  • milled malt
  • hop
  • yeast
  • Chemipro® OXI cleaning agent

Beer styles

Beers with character

Brew your own beer with King Hilaire

Colleague Hilaire Spreuwers is ‘the king’ in our Kingdom Brewkit videos… and also on the Brouwland shop floor as Product Manager since January 2021. Brewing and cooking are in King Hilaire’s DNA. He used to run a gastronomic restaurant himself in the distant past, and has since specialised in food photography. King Hilaire doesn’t shy away from any experiment. He not only makes beer but kombucha, kefir, jun, and soda from sweet potato. Wow? Wow!  

Brew a strong blond with knight Rik

Who is the strong blond, er… grinning (greying) knight in the video? Colleague Rik Bijnens is our reliable, cheerful Business Development Manager. He loves brewing beer, mountain biking… and his dogs! Rik not only brews beer with our Kingdom Brewkit, but also distils liquor and ferments tea into kombucha. His ultimate brewing tip? Boil it WITHOUT a lid, please!

Brew a tripel with knight Youssef

Colleague Youssef is a creative mastermind, according to his colleagues. He is not only a graphic designer at Brouwland, but he also maintains a cooking blog titled  YouChef, and recently launched two premium gins with southern flavourings: orange, ginger, and cinnamon or lemongrass, honey, and thyme. No wonder he made a spicy tripel with our Kingdom Brewkit. His ultimate brewing tip? Feel free to add extra flavourings to the brew kit. Experimentation is a must! 

Brew a dark beer with knight Joey

Colleague Joey Andries, aka Sir Sells-a-lot, is a full-time sales manager and bon vivant. You can always interrupt him up for a sour beer, a white Burgundy, or a red Italian. Wine, that is. In this video, he explains how to brew your own 7.4% dark abbey beer in practically no time at all using our Kingdom Brewkit. His ultimate brewing tip? Plan, plan, plan… and never start at 5 p.m. because brewing always takes a little bit longer than you think!

Brew a white beer with knight Hans

Colleague Hans is a good-humoured Product Manager/eclectic/family man. You can take the latter literally and figuratively. He is his children’s chauffeur and also runs his own brewery: Family Man Brewing Co. His favourite beer? A saison! But he conjured up a refreshing wheat beer on the beer table using the Kingdom Brewkit. His ultimate brewing tip? Keep it simple!

Brew a Spécial Belge with lady Jorina

Jorina has an eye for detail. Not only on the shop floor (as Product Officer), but also when baking, roasting, and brewing. She prefers a fruity beer and likes to brew a spécial belge: her father’s favourite beer. This typical Belgian beer style is notable for its deep amber colour and rich, caramelised malt flavour. Yum! Her ultimate brewing tip? What you brew yourself sometimes tastes better. ;)

Brew an IPA with lady Sarah

“I prefer blonds,” says Sarah Braekers when asked about her favourite beer style. This funny nerd used to be IT Manager at Brouwland, but has since become Customer Solutions Manager. She doesn’t think in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions. You can always make her happy with chocolate, a spontaneous BBQ, or a trip to the tennis court. In short, a woman with distinctive tastes… Just like the IPA she brewed using our Kingdom Brewkit.

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