Start making wine

Never made wine before but feel like going for it? 

You have a grape and you want wine. This is how every winemaker starts. Get started with a starter kit and this clear step-by-step plan.
Your first challenge? Getting the juice out of the grape!

Meet our wine specialist

Toon Balis is the author of the book ‘Successful winemaking’, which is now in its sixth edition. 

You can find our wine specialist almost every day in the Brouwland shop, where he is happy to answer all your wine questions!

Attend a workshop

Want to make your own wine or produce (even) better wines?

That's perfect, because the Brouwland Academy organises wine workshops for beginning and advanced winemakers. This is definitely not a dry subject. We conclude each session with a wine tasting!

Which wine will it be?

If you want to make wine, you have to plan.  

Everything starts with a vinification schedule. Proper and controlled monitoring of each step in the vinification process guarantees you a great glass of wine. There are separate vinification schedules for white, red and rosé wine.

Wine blog

Here you will find our blogs on wine making and everything that is involved.

We have an eye for general inspiration as well as the practical side of things. How do I get from fruit to must? Which wine yeast do I choose? And the fermentation temperature? You will find out here!

Vinoferm wine yeasts

Brouwland and OenoBioTech have joined forces.

From now on, all Vinoferm wine yeasts will be produced by French company OenoBiotech. OenoBiotech specialises in the production of high-quality enzymes and yeasts for winemaking.