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Chemipro essentials cleaning kit

Chemipro essentials cleaning kit

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This complete cleaning kit contains everything you need to keep your brewing equipment spotless at all times so contamination doesn’t stand a chance!

  • Handy 10 l bucket for making the cleaning solution
  • 30 cm brush to remove beer residues from your bottles
  • Brush to clean the spigots of your fermentation bucket and brew kettle
  • Chemipro® Wash to remove caked-on residues in your brew kettle
  • Chemipro® San to give your fermentation bucket and bottles a final rinse before filling
  • Chemipro® DES to disinfect surfaces and hard-to-reach areas

Description - Chemipro essentials cleaning kit

You can’t make a good beer without clean equipment: cleaning is one of the most important steps in the brewing process. Therefore, it is important to give this step the necessary attention and use the correct products. 

This cleaning kit contains the most essential – must have – Chemipro® cleaning products to ensure your brewing equipment is always spotless and contamination doesn’t stand chance.

This kit includes:

  • 10 l Bucket 
    You can make your cleaning solution in this bucket so you always have it to hand on your brew day. After brewing, you can use the bucket to safely store your cleaning products. 
  • 30 cm Brush
    Use this 30 cm brush to remove beer residues from your bottles.
  • Spigot brush
    Use this brush to thoroughly clean the spigots of your fermentation bucket and brew kettle.
  • Chemipro® Wash
    Chemipro Wash helps you with the first step of the cleaning process. After brewing, there are sometimes caked residues at the bottom of the brew kettle. Chemipro Wash helps you remove these deposits. We recommended turning on the pump when cleaning all-in-one brewing systems. This will remove all sugar and protein residues and prolong the life of your brew kettle.
  • Chemipro® San
    Chemipro San ensures that contamination in your fermentation bucket or bottles doesn’t stand a chance. After you have thoroughly cleaned the material, a final cleaning with Chemipro San is important to tackle any particles you cannot detect with the naked eye. 
  • Chemipro® Des
    Chemipro Des is a convenient, ready-to-use spray to control harmful bacteria, yeasts, and moulds. Thanks to the handy spray bottle, you can easily apply Chemipro Des to hard-to-reach places, such as spigots and where rinsing is not possible. The 80% ethanol solution ensures that all your material is carefully disinfected. 

Important: dosage and more specific instructions for use can be found on the packaging of each individual product. 


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